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May 15, 7pm

May 16, 3pm

Calumet Theatre

Production week Schedule

Tuesday, May 12, 4:30-8pm  Act 1

Wednesday, May 13, 4:30-8pm  Act 2

Thursday, May 14, 4:30 Call, 5:30 StartDress Rehearsal

Friday, May 15, 5:30 Call, 7pm show

Saturday, May 16, 1:30 Call, 3pm Show

Tights Order Information

All tights should be seamless!

*Ballet Pink = palest pink, name may vary based on brand

*Tan = choose the shade closest to skin tone, there is usually more than one option

CM 1- Daffodils-   Ballet Pink, footed

 CM 2-  Roses-   Ballet Pink, footed

FUN 1(Wed)-Poppies-  Ballet Pink, footed

FUN 2(Sat) Birds-  Tan, footed

Ballet 2-Balloons-  Ballet Pink, footed

Ballet 3 –Clouds-  Ballet Pink, footed

Ballet 4-Thieves-  Ballet Pink, convertible

Ballet 5-Rainbow- Ballet Pink, convertible

Modern 1-Icicles-  Tan, convertible

Modern 2 –Wind-  Tan, convertible

Modern 3-Ivy-  Tan, convertible

Jazz-hop 1-Spiders-  Tan, footed or convertible

Jazz Hop 2-Taxis- Tan, footed or convertible

Jazz 3-Rain-  Tan, footed or convertible

Jazz 4-Falconi Gang-  Tan, footed or convertible

Hip Hop 3-Police-  Tan, footed or convertible

Hip Hop 4 -Thunder-  Tan, footed or convertible

Tap 1-Penguins-  Tan, footed or convertible

Tap 3-Firemen-  Tan, footed or convertible

Tap 4- Window Washers-  Tan, footed or convertible

Studio 7- Shadow- black footed

Contact Second Skin Shop in Marquette to order!  Dancers must have NEW tights for picture day and the show, no runs or holes please!

        or   1-800-906-7546

Picture Day Schedule, Wednesday, May 6, 2015

4:30  CM 1- Daffodils

4:37  CM 2-  Roses

4:44  FUN (Sat) Birds

4:51  FUN (Wed)-Poppies

4:58  Modern 1-Icicles

5:05  Ballet 2-Balloons

5:12  Ballet 3 –Clouds

5:19  Ballet 4-Thieves

5:26  Ballet 5-Rainbow

5:33  Jazz-hop 1-Spiders

5:40  Jazz Hop 2-Taxis

5:47  Jazz 3-Rain

5:54  Jazz 4-Falconi Gang

6:01  Tap 1-Penguins

6:08  Tap 3-Firemen

6:15  Tap 4- Window Washers

6:22  Belly Dance-Sun Rays

6:29  Studio 7-Shadows

6:36  Modern 2 –Wind

6:43  Hip Hop 4 -Thunder

6:50  Hip Hop 3-Police

6:57  Modern 3-Ivy

7:04  Adult Tap-Tourists

7:11  Soloist and Small Groups:  first come first serve!